Saving the planet is challenging work

Beth Briggs
Beth Briggs

Beth Briggs

Saving the world is really hard work. Ask any superhero.

There are millions of superheroes disguised as average women changing their world daily. They don’t wear capes or fly, but they do seem to have wings on their feet and the ability to expand the number of hours in their days.

Some of the successful heroes are legendary, like Mother Theresa, Rosa Parks or Helen Keller. Yet the majority of them remain unsung heroes.

Women around us are doing remarkable things daily in every community and neighborhood. Their stories inspire us and remind us that we can have a significant impact with small acts of kindness given with love.

Do you want to change the world? There are some easy ways to start.

Become a conscious giver. It might be a kind word, a genuine hug or a loving smile. Tutor a child, support a family in need or pick up the trash along the highway.

Gifts of time, talent or treasure will always come back to you tenfold. Nothing is lost through giving.

People give because it makes them feel alive and allows their hearts to sing. Giving is one of the greatest habits of the heart and studies show it extends your life.

Today’s economic environment promotes an atmosphere of lack and a state of fear. Fear that we don’t have enough. Recognizing our gifts remind us we have more than enough, so much that we have enough to give.

The majority of Americans experience tremendous assets: relative safety, healthy food to eat, clean air to breathe, safe water to drink, freedom from oppression, the ability to travel about freely and an opportunity to work and support ourselves and our families.

Gratefulness and gratitude is the only appropriate response. A perfect lesson on gratefulness can be found at the website The words of wisdom by Brother David on the video called “A Good Day” remind us of the exquisite gifts all around us.

Unfortunately, not every American experiences all of those blessings all of the time. Over 1.3 million nonprofits across the country work tirelessly to help secure assets for millions of Americans living without basic needs. They need your help and they need your gifts.

During our time on earth we are given a finite number of breaths. It is up to us to determine how we use them. Time given in service and as a demonstration of love ensures that the precious moments of our lives are enhanced through giving back.

Happiness is not something that you get. Happiness is something that you give. What have you given today?

Beth Briggs is president of Creative Philanthropy, based in Raleigh.

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