Nonprofit news roundup for Aug. 5, 2009

Catholic Charities gets $100 million government contract

Catholic Charities USA received its first-ever contract from the federal government, totaling $100 million over five years, to provide disaster-relief services throughout the country, Catholic News Agency reported Aug. 4 (see Catholic Charities story).

Home Depot donates $30 million to Habitat for Humanity

The Home Depot Foundation will award $30 million to Habitat for Humanity to build 5,000 energy-efficient homes across the country over the next five years, Public Broadcasting of Atlanta reported Aug. 4 (see Home Depot Foundation story). The homes will be designed to be 20 percent to 30 percent more energy-efficient than the average house.

Brown to borrow $125 million for cash, renovations

Brown University plans borrow $125 million, which will increase its debt by 25 percent, in an effort to create a cash reserve and fund renovations, Providence Business News reported Aug. 4 (see Brown University story). Over the 11 months ending May 31, the school’s endowment fell 24.1 percent to about $2 billion.

Cleveland Clinic fundraiser heads to U.C. San Francisco

Carol Moss, chair of institutional relations and development at the Cleveland Clinic, will leave her job to become vice chancellor of university development and alumni relations at the University of California San Francisco effective Oct. 1, MedCity News reported Aug. 3 (see Cleveland Clinic story). While at the clinic, Moss ran the organization’s five-year campaign to raise $1.25 billion.

University of Pennsylvania raises $440 million in fiscal 2009

The University of Pennsylvania raised $440 million in fiscal 2009, down 7.5 percent from fiscal 2008, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Aug. 3 (see University of Pennsylvania story). While the school topped its goal of $350 million, it secured only $398 million in new pledges, short of its goal of $450 million.

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