Health agency offers tips for serving Latinas

RALEIGH, N.C. – To better serve the state’s growing Latina population, the North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation recommends providing multiple options for women to access health information, a new study says.

The foundation’s Maternidad Latina program conducted and online survey and in-person interviews to gauge how Hispanic women in the state find health information for themselves and their children.

About a quarter of people interviewed say they get most of health their information from television, while about one in 10 get information
from health-clinic staff.

About four in 10 use Google to get information and about 13 percent use the Spanish-language television channel Univision.

Half of respondents prefer to receive written materials in Spanish, while about 45 percent prefer information in both Spanish and English.

Latinas most often seek information prenatal care, the health and development of babies, family planning, dental care and finding low-cost health insurance.

To better serve Latina clients, Maternidad Latina recommends service agencies:

Provide both verbal and written information

  • Direct clients with Internet access to helpful,credible online health information
  • Provide clients with the number for the NorthCarolina Family Health Resources Line (800.367.2229)
  • Provide Internet access at health departmentsand other community organizations
  • Ask clients if they need information on anyadditional health topics

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