Group pushes intergenerational funding

To better address issues that cut across generational lines, a nonprofit is recommending a holistic grantmaking approach that pools resources to foster lasting change.

Generations United published a report calling on funders throughout the U.S. to adopt a set of principles that would encourage collaboration on issues such as health care, family and medical leave, the environment and tax policy.

“We hope, once and for all, to dispel the notion that a choice must be made between policies and programs for older adults versus children,” Donna Butts, director of the organization, says in a statement. “We need to approach funding in a manner that recognizes the profound impact generations have on one another.”

As examples of such intergenerational projects, the report mentions adult and child day-care centers under one roof and using schools to house community learning centers.

Generations United will conduct a session on these topics, including examples of strategies for intergenerational funding, at the Grantmakers in Aging Annual Conference to be held Oct. 21-23 in Denver.

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