IBM expands ‘Corporate Service Corps’

In the program’s second year of operation, IBM plans to more than double the number of employees it will send on pro-bono assignments through its Corporate Service Corps.

By 2010, the company aims to send more than 1,500 of its top employees to provide consulting and help boost skills of people working in nonprofits, governments and educational institutions around the world.

Already in countries including Vietnam, Ghana and Romania, the program will expand to include new countries in Africa and Asia and new regions of Brazil.

Through the program, groups of eight to 10 employees with skills in areas like technology, consulting, research, marketing and finance are deployed with the goal of improving local conditions and boosting job creation.

The teams are comprised of employees from different countries who receive three months of pre-deployment training in areas like language, cultural customs and political environment of their host countries.

In Tanzania, an IBM team worked with employees at the Africa Wildlife Federation to update the nonprofit’s financial-management processes.

A new project in Nigeria aims to help a social-welfare group identify the best technology to monitor and record maternal and child health.

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