Nonprofit news roundup for Sept. 9, 2009

Senator proposes nonprofit co-ops to cover uninsured

Sen. Charles Grassley, a Republican lawmaker working to broker a health-care reform compromise, is proposing nonprofit cooperatives to provide health care to the uninsured, The Associated Press reported Sept. 8 (see nonprofit co-ops story).

Charities leverage social media to raise money, awareness

With social media becoming mainstream worldwide, charities are exploring how to raise money and generate awareness through vehicles like micro-blogging site Twitter, The Christian Science Monitor reported Sept. 8 (see social media story). Social media facilitates “collaboration and participation,” two ingredients key to creating social change.

Gates Foundation campaign aims to deter school dropouts

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is partnering with Viacom television networks, celebrities and education leaders to launch an awareness campaign urging kids to stay in school, The Associated Press reported Sept. 9 (see Gates Foundation story). The “Get Schooled” effort aims to decrease high-school and college dropout rates and improve teacher accountability.

Inflation fears drive endowment investors to commodities

Fearing that rising inflation will diminish their already battered endowments, university endowment managers are investing more of their portfolios in commodities like oil and natural gas, Bloomberg News reported Sept. 9 (see university endowments story). Some fear the growing federal deficit, coupled with stimulus spending, could drive consumer prices up over the next few years.

University of Kansas raises $106.4 million

The University of Kansas raised $106.4 million in gifts and pledges from 45,186 donors during fiscal 2009, The Wichita Eagle reported Sept. 9 (See University of Kansas story). The school raised an additional $9.6 million in deferred gifts.

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