Surdna refocuses grantmaking

After a year-long evaluation of its grantmaking, the Surdna Foundation is launching three new funding areas designed to build and support sustainable communities across the U.S.

The 92-year-old funder now will focus its grantmaking in the areas of sustainable environments, strong local economies and thriving cultures.

“We see a sustainable community as a place that uses environmental innovation to secure a livable environment over the long term, enables the establishment of a strong and resilient local economy and celebrates a vibrant cultural life for all community members, regardless of background,” Philip Henderson, president of the foundation, says in a statement.

Surdna’s dollars will support efforts like green housing, accessible transit, housing and economic opportunity, and the funder will renew its commitment to social justice.

The New York-based foundation aims to make its grantmaking more flexible so it can respond to needs and opportunities as they emerge.

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