Lawmakers to review state grants policies

Carol Ripple
Carol Ripple

RALEIGH, N.C. – State lawmakers will meet Nov. 9 in Raleigh to review the findings and recommendations of a report on the tracking of grants from state agencies to nonprofits.

The Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee will hear a presentation of the report, “Agency Tracking of Not-for-Profit Grantees,” which was conducted by the Program Evaluation Division of the N.C. General Assembly.

“This is a policy review,” says Carol Ripple, principal program evaluator for the division. “We didn’t evaluate any particular agency, but we looked at state policies and procedures in tracking nonprofit grantees across the board.”

The review included a look at administrative rules and statutes “to make sure state funds are being spent in the way intended by the state,” she says.

During 2008, grants totaling $694 million were awarded by the state to nonprofits, not including grants awarded to colleges and universities.

That figure includes federal grant dollars that flowed through state agencies to nonprofits.

The meeting will be held at 1:30 p.m. in room 643 of the Legislative Office Building in downtown Raleigh.

The report will be posted on the Program Evaluation Division’s website on Nov. 9.

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