Charities mobilize for Haiti relief…

Nonprofit news roundup 

Charities mobilize for Haiti relief

Charities and nonprofits are mobilizing to send food, clothing, shelter, medical care and clothing to Haiti in the wake of Tuesday’s devastating earthquake, The Washington Post reported Jan. 14 (see Haiti relief story). Groups responding include American Red Cross, World Vision and Catholic Relief Services.

Rothschild Foundation’s 2009 grants unpaid

The Judith Rothschild Foundation, founded to foster interest in lesser-known American artists who died from 1976 to 2008, has defaulted on all 17 of the grants it awarded in 2009, say grant recipients, The New York Times reported Jan. 12 (see Rothschild Foundation story). The grants, totaling more than $100,000, were awarded to groups including the Drawing Center in New York and the Delaware Art Museum.

Private donations critical for recovery in Haiti

While government and assistance will be important to rescue and recovery efforts in Haiti, private donations likely will play a critical role, USA Today reported Jan. 14 (see Haiti giving story). Individuals can donate to relief efforts through a variety of organizations, including the American Red Cross, the United Nations World Food Program and the Salvation Army.

Groups aim to help individuals become wiser about donations

Individual giving in the U.S. tops $200 billion annually, but many donors make giving decisions casually, with little attention to the quality of the organizations to which they give, a trend a handful of organizations aim to change, Business Week reported Jan. 13 (see wise giving story). Groups like Charity Navigator, GiveWell and Philanthropedia have the goal of helping donors make better decisions.

Nonprofit theaters, playwrights struggle

Many playwrights view the major nonprofit theater companies in the U.S. as impediments to their work, preferring smaller productions as a way to save money, says a new survey from the Theater Development Fund, The New York Times reported Jan. 13 (see nonprofit theaters story). Pressure to balance budgets and a lack of private and government funding for new plays are hurting theaters, artistic directors and company managers say.

Minnesota best state for charter schools, study says

Minnesota provides the best environment in the U.S. for charter schools, says a study by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, The Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune reported Jan. 13 (see charter school story). Laws in the state exhibit Minnesota’s commitment to areas like autonomy, accountability, support for facilities and equity for schools.

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