Maryland sees nonprofit job growth

Despite the onset of the recession, Maryland’s nonprofit sector saw a 2.7 percent increase in nonprofit employment in 2008, a new study says.

That performance outpaces the for-profit sector, which saw job loss of 3.3 percent, says the report from the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies.

As of the end of 2008, the state’s nonprofit sector employed 256,618 workers, about one in 10 of all workers in the state and, among industries in Maryland, ranked second only to retail trade.

The sector contributed more than $11.5 billion in wages to the state’s economy in 2008, money that translated into $635 million in personal income-tax revenue for state and local governments and almost $1.6 billion for the federal government.

“That nonprofit employment in Maryland continued to rise in the face of the most severe recession since the Great Depression is a testament to the resilience and determination of Maryland nonprofit leaders and those who support them in the public and private sectors,” Lester Salamon, director of the center, says in a statement.

Job growth in 2008 continues the trend that saw an increase of 27 percent from 1999 to 2008, growth that vastly outpaced the for-profit sector’s four percent increase over the same period.

While 2008 was a bright spot, the length and depth of the recession may have had an effect on 2009 employment.

“We are concerned about the sector’s continued ability to meet rising demands as the recession drags on and state fiscal problems deepen, and will watch nonprofit employment numbers beyond the conclusion of 2008 to monitor the effects of the recession in 2009,” Darryl Jones Sr., CEO of Maryland Nonprofits, says in a statement.

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