Health-care giving patterns shift

While donors have not discontinued their giving altogether in the face of the recession, many are switching to longer-term pledges, a new study says.

Health-care fundraisers that have been the most successful in this challenging environment are those that use a variety of strategies to bring in dollars, says the report from the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy.

Rather than relying only on big-ticket galas, golf tournaments and telethons, successful fundraisers are working to cultivate relationships with major donors.

“The fact that in this deep recession, donors are still givers and have not halted contributions signals a depth of relationship and commitment to the individual organizations which should be continually nurtured by health-care fundraising operations,” William C. McGinly, president and CEO of the association, says in a statement.

The study includes 2008 data from 58 foundations that support nonprofit hospitals in the U.S. and Canada.

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