U.S. nonprofit sector undergoes shakeout…

Nonprofit news roundup 

U.S. nonprofit sector undergoes shakeout

Hit by a drop in donations and a spike in demand for their services, U.S. nonprofits are experiencing a shakeout that is leaving many people without the services they need and forcing some charities to restructure, merge, cut back or close, The Wall Street Journal reported Feb. 1 (see nonprofit sector story).

Ivy League schools lost combined $26.6 billion in fiscal 2009

The endowments of the eight colleges and universities in the Ivy League lost a combined $26.6 billion in fiscal 2009, in part because their portfolios were heavy on illiquid investments and light on cash and fixed-income, Forbes reported Jan. 29 (see Ivy League endowments story).

Haiti donations flood in, but tide could turn, experts say

The flood of donations for Haiti relief could be the largest immediate response by Americans to an international disaster, almost matching giving in the Wake of Sept. 11, but many worry that donations will slow before the years-long rebuilding process is complete, The Chicago Tribune reported Jan. 29 (see Haiti donations story).

Cleveland Foundation slashes donations to ‘Future Fund’

After funneling $22 million over the past six years to the Fund for Our Economic Future, a pool of money devoted to economic development by area funders, the Cleveland Foundation is slashing its investment to $300,000 over the next three years, a move that is being criticized by other stakeholders, The Plain Dealer reported Jan. 29 (see Cleveland Foundation story).

Nonprofits must exercise care in accepting large donations

Given recent instances of philanthropists being accused of fraud, nonprofits and their governing boards must be conduct the necessary due diligence when soliciting or accepting large donations, Tanya Ferreiro wrote in a column in The Miami Herald Feb. 1 (see nonprofit skepticism column).

Citadel goes high-tech with latest fundraising effort

The Brigadier Foundation, which raises money for athletic scholarships for the Citadel, is venturing into social media, the Internet and data analytics in its newest campaign, The Charleston Post and Courier reported Jan. 31 (see Citadel fundraising story).

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