Philanthropist Eli Broad ties giving to control…

Philanthropist Eli Broad ties giving to control

Billionaire philanthropist rules the arts in Los Angeles, handing out gifts that give him a powerful hand in the organizations he supports, The New York Times reported Feb. 6 (see Eli Broad philanthropy story).

Wesleyan sues former chief investment officer

Wesleyan University has sued its former chief investment officer, Thomas Kannam, claiming he spent most of his time on outside business even though that was barred by his contract, The New York Times reported Feb. 5 (see Wesleyan endowment story).

Philanthropist sentenced to prison

Tech investor and philanthropist Alberto Vilar was sentenced to nine years in prison for stealing from his investors at Amerindo Investment Advisors, Bloomberg reported Feb. 5 (see prison for philanthropist story).

Jackpot winner giving bulk of winnings to charity

The winner of the Mega Millions jackpot is giving the bulk of the $144 million he won in a Jan. 29 drawing to charity, including to retired Catholic nuns, The Houston Chronicle reported Feb. 5 (see jackpot philanthropy story).

San Francisco Museum raises $250 million

The San Francisco museum has raised $250 million in recent months,  allowing it to double its endowment and invest $150 million in expanding, The New York Times reported Feb. 5 (see San Francisco museum story).

Israel charity under fire

The New Israel Fund in Washington, D.C., which funds several groups in Israel that promote Palestinian rights, faces claims that its recipients gave most of the evidence to a U.N. commission that issued a report criticizing Israel’s Gaza Strip war a year ago, The Los Angeles Times reported Feb. 8 (see Israel philanthropy story). Leaders of fund say conservatives in Israel seeking to silence opposing viewpoints are targeting them unfairly.

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