Giving by top donors plunges…

Nonprofit news roundup

Giving by top donors plunges

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported total giving by its list of top philanthropists fell almost 75 percent, to $4.1 billion from $15.5 billion a year earlier, with the median gift falling to $49.4 million from $61.3 million, The Wall Street Journal reported Feb. 8 (see top givers story).

2009 Slate 60 donors give $4.2 billion

Donors on the 2009 Slate 60 list of the biggest U.S. givers made $4.2 billion in new pledges and gifts to philanthropy, Slate reported Feb. 8 (see Slate 60 story).

Colleges make cuts to cope with declining endowments

Dartmouth College is raising tuition and fees and Yale University is cutting construction as colleges and universities cope with declining endowments, Bloomberg reported Feb. 8 (see college cutbacks story).

Big banks investing in community development

Some of the biggest U.S. banks are developing partnerships with community development financial institutions to provide small-business credit and comply with the federal Community Reinvestment Act, BusinessWeek reported Feb. 4 (see community development story).

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