End of estate tax seen removing incentive for giving…

Nonprofit news roundup 

End of estate tax seen removing incentive for giving

Experts say Congress’ decision to let the estate tax expire has removed an incentive for the wealthiest Americans to provide for charities in their wills, UPI reported Feb. 14 (see estate tax story).

Americans give over $709 million for Haiti relief

Americans have donated over $709 million to relief efforts in Haiti, the Christian Post reported Feb. 13 (see Haiti donations story).

Foundation gives $50 million to fight climate change

The Barr Foundation, the biggest in Massachusetts, is giving $50 million to nonprofits and efforts in the Boston area to fight climate change, the Boston Globe reported Feb. 14 (see climate change story).

Retired banker takes Wall Street approach to nonprofit fundraising

A retired Goldman Sachs banker brings a venture-capital or initial-public-offering approach to helping nonprofits raise money by targeting larger sums at a single point in time so nonprofit managers can stop worrying about cash and start focusing on their programs, BusinessWeek reported Feb. 11 (see nonprofit fundaising story).

New Jersey nonprofit creates health insurance for employees

At a New Jersey nonprofit that created a program of self-insurance, some employees pay nothing for their health insurance, while others have monthly costs ranging from $100 to $250, depending on whether they have standard coverage for themselves or a more comprehensive plan covering their spouses and children, The Star-Ledger in Newark reported Feb. 11 (see nonprofit health insurance story).

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