Green advocates not happy with Obama…

Nonprofit news roundup 

Green advocates not happy with Obama

Environmental advocates, who hoped President Barack Obama would usher in new green policies to replace those of George W. Bush, are resigned, even angry, over Obama’s abandonment of sweeping climate-change legislation and his effort to reach out to Republicans on less ambitious clean-energy measures, as well as his embrace of nuclear power, The New York Times reported Feb. 17 (see Obama and environment story).

Illinois nonprofits owed money by state

The state of Illinois has $3.8 billion in unpaid bills, much of it owed to nonprofits that serve some of the state’s most vulnerable residents, including children, the poor, the mentally ill, and the elderly, The Chicago Tribune reported Feb. 18 (see Illinois nonprofits story).

Cornell investment chief leaving after 26% loss in endowment

James Walsh, chief investment officer at Cornell University, is leaving the end of the academic year after the value of the school’s endowment fell 26 percent in fiscal 2009, Bloomberg reported Feb. 17 (see Cornell investment story).

Honolulu considers removing tax break for nonprofits

Facing financial difficulties, the city of Honolulu may consider raising what is now a deeply discounted property-tax rate for nonprofits, a move some nonprofit say could force them to reduce the services they provide, the Honolulu Advertiser reported Feb. 17 (see nonprofit tax story).

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