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States eye ending some tax breaks for nonprofits…


Nonprofit news roundup 

States eye ending some tax breaks for nonprofits

Facing revenue declines, a growing number of state and local governments are looking at ending some tax exemptions for nonprofits, The New York Times reported Feb. 27 (see tax exemption story).

Text-message fundraising gears up after Chile quake

Text-message fundraising, which generated over $40 million for relief efforts after the Haiti earthquake, again kicked into action in the wake of the Chile earthquake, The Washington Post reported Feb. 28 (see Chile mobile-giving story).

Measuring impact key issue in giving sector

Measuring nonprofits’ impact has become a key issue for the giving sector, The Wall Street Journal reported March 1 (see measuring impact story).

Global recession deals charity a double-whammy

The global recession has hit charities with rising demand for services and a slump in donations, The Wall Street Journal reported March 1 (see charity recession story).

CEOs of top two British banks giving bonuses to charity

The CEOs of Britain’s most profitable banks, HSBC and Standard Chartered, plan to give their multi-million-pound bonuses to charity, The Daily Mail reported March 1 (see CEO charity story).

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