Charities step up census role…

Nonprofit news roundup

Charities step up census role

Charitable foundations and nonprofits working actively to get an accurate count in the 2010 Census, saying the people they serve will benefit most but are least likely to take part, NPR reported March 9 (see nonprofit census story).

Harvard builds stock portfolio

After selling big chunks of its U.S.-traded stock holdings in the fourth quarter of 2008 in an effort to free up cash in the liquidity crisis, the Harvard Management Co. has been increasing its stock portfolio as the liquidity crisis has receded, reported March 9 (see Harvard investment story).

Nonprofits push for redistricting reform

Nonprofits are taking a lead role in advocating reform of the redistricting process, a process that is moving ahead in several states, OMB Watch reported March 9 (see redistricting reform story).

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