Grocer giving $20 million…

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Grocer giving $20 million

An 80-year-old Boston grocer who says a parochial school helped his family when his mother died, is giving $20 million to a Boston College center that aims to revive struggling Catholic schools in the U.S., The Boston Globe reported March 16 (see grocer gift story).

Boston philanthropist Ray Tye dies

Philanthropist Ray Tye, who gave away millions of dollars and often paid the costs of people described in news stories as unable to afford life-saving care, died March 10 at age 87, The Boston Globe reported March 11 (see Boston philanthropist story).

New Jersey hospitals under pressure

New Jersey hospitals are facing tough times because of a lack of appropriate reimbursement for medical procedures, . a state mandate to treat people  without insurance, and rising demand because of the closing of other hospitals nearby, Inside New Jersey reported March 12 (see N.J. hospitals story).

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