Social-media tools boost event fundraising

Individuals who use social-media tools to raise money for charitable events generate better results than those who do not use those tools, a new research paper says.

Social-media users set higher goals, reach more donors and raise more money, says the research paper by Blackbaud and Charity Dynamics.

The research, which looked at data from 1,750 events that provided social-media tools to nearly 1 million participants in 2009, found event participants who adopted integrated social-media tools increased their fundraising by up to 40 percent compared to those not using available online tools.

Participants who used Twitter, for example, raised more money and reached more donors than those who did not, tripled their fundraising goals and raised nearly 10 times more online.

YouTube users turned in the best offline performance, compared to participants who used other social-media tools, and were more likely to balance their use of online and offline channels to tell their stories and conduct fundraising activities.

And 75 percent of donors through social media are new to organizations, on average, compared to 50 percent of all donors who support event participants.

“While some people still doubt the fundraising potential of these tools, special event participants continue to be an exception and have shown strong fundraising success by tapping into the power of social network,” Mark Davis, director of technical solutions at Blackbaud, says in a statement.

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