Health bill could boost for-profit purchase of charity hospitals…

Nonprofit news roundup 

Health bill could boost for-profit purchase of charity hospitals

By extending insurance to 32 million Americans who have been uninsured, President Obama’s health-care plan should benefit charity hospitals serving the poor and previously uninsured, a change that will give those hospitals a new cash-flow stream and make them more attractive to private equity investors that likely will increase the conversion of nonprofit hospitals to for-profit entities, The Wall Street Journal reported March 25 (see charity hospitals story).

Scientist who refuted creationism big religion prize

A former priest who became an evolutionary geneticist and molecular biologist and helped scientifically refute creationism with his research will receive one of the world’s top religion prices, the 2010 Templeton Prize, valued at $1.53 million, the Associated Press reported March 25 (see Templeton Prize story).

Tax strategy aims to help support kids and causes

Tax advisers are pushing strategies, many of them involving converting an individual retirement account to a Roth IRA, that let taxpayers get more money to their children and favorite causes at the same time, The Wall Street Journal reported March 20 (see philanthropy strategy story).

British bankers, lawyers push use of philanthropy advisers

In the face of a new study that suggests the quality of philanthropy advice is disappointing, private bankers and lawyers in Britain are teaming up to encourage greater use of philanthropy advisers, Civil Society reported March 22 (see philanthropy advice story).

Prince of Wales’ charity could face investigation

The Prince of Wales’ alternative health foundation could face a probe by the charity watchdog over charges it violated regulations by pursuing a “personal vendetta” against a leading academic opponent, the Telegraph reported March 21 (see Prince of Wales charity story).

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