What is your nonprofit’s marketing mindset?

Hannah Brazee Gregory
Hannah Brazee Gregory

Hannah Brazee Gregory

By making marketing communications an integral part of the organization and its strategic plan, a nonprofit can ensure marketing is not forgotten, even if staff positions or budgets are cut.

What does this mean? When marketing is truly an integral part of a nonprofit, then it is connected to every aspect of the organization, including strategic planning, staff training, capacity-building and fundraising.

Making marketing integral in this manner assures its survival.

You can measure your nonprofit’s marketing mindset by asking three important questions.

What importance is placed on marketing communications at the organizational level?

The wrong mindset is to place marketing at or near the bottom of the organization’s list of priorities.

The right mindset is considering marketing a vital component to increase capacity and further the organization’s mission.

Using this mindset, marketing will be present in strategic planning, staff training, board and management-team meetings, and all other aspects of operations.

How does your nonprofit communicate?

The wrong mindset is to make that decision based on who has done it in the past or based on what there is time for.

The right mindset means communicating in thoughtful ways that target specific audiences, utilize appropriate communications channels and center around achievable, measurable results.

What does your nonprofit communicate?

The wrong mindset uses the message “We are great, give us money.”

The right mindset uses messaging focused on empowering the audience rather than just celebrating the nonprofit. It tells fresh stories of positive outcomes.

So if it’s time to shift your nonprofit’s marketing mindset, use these tips as a guide for having a meaningful discussion about marketing at your next staff or board meeting.

Don’t just communicate – do it well and stand out from the crowd.

Hannah Brazee Gregory is a nonprofit marketing expert and founder of Shoestring Creative Group, the nonprofit’s agency. She can be reached at nonprofitexperts@shoestringgroup.com or   1-888-835-6236.

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