College humanities programs hurting in downturn…

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College humanities programs hurting in downturn

The recession, unemployment and plunge in the value of college endowments have prompted a drop in the number of liberal arts colleges and college humanities programs as students look for more practical courses, Newsweek reported April 5 (see liberal arts story).

Toms Shoes blurs difference between brand, charity

Toms Shoes, which gives a pair of rubber-soled “Alpargatas” to someone who needs it for every pair it sells, has moved beyond most charity brand marketers blurring the difference between brand and charity, The Wall Street Journal reported April 1 (see charity shoe story).

Stanford looking for new chief investment officer

The endowment at Stanford University, at $12.6 billion the third-riches in the U.S., is looking for a new chief investment officer after keeping the job unfilled for over two years when the markets fell and revived, Bloomberg reported April 1 (see Stanford endowment story).

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