St. Louis may ask nonprofits to help pay for city services…

Nonprofit news roundup 

St. Louis may ask big nonprofits to help pay for services

St. Louis officials are considering asking big nonprofits to give the city voluntary support to offset lost revenue, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported April 7 (see St. Louis nonprofits story).

Nonprofit asks global firms to disclose water use

The Carbon Disclosure Project, an investor-backed nonprofit, has persuaded big corporations throughout the world to disclose their greenhouse-gas emissions and now is asking 302 global companies to start making detailed reports on their water use, The New York Times reported April 6 (see water-use reporting story).

Shareholders want WellPoint to become nonprofit

Three Indiana shareholders of WellPoint want the publicly-traded insurance giant to consider converting to a nonprofit, the Indianapolis Star reported April 7 (see WellPoint conversion story).

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