Record fine for fundraising telemarketers…

Nonprofit news roundup 

Record fine for fundraising telemarketers

The Federal Trade Commission ordered two men and their Edison, N.J.-based telemarketing group to pay a record fine of $18.8 million for duping consumers in phone fundraising campaigns, saying the pair would represent themselves as members of charities to solicit donations and then pocket 85 percent to 90 percent of the money, giving charities only 10 percent to 15 percent, the Star-Ledger in Newark reported April 12 (see fundraising telemarketer story).

Nonprofit news group wins Pulitzer Prize

Nonprofit news group ProPublica won a Pulitzer Prize for an examination of the work of a beleaguered staff at a New Orleans hospital during Hurricane Katrina, an award that reflected the growing role of non-traditional business models in the financially-troubled newspaper industry, the Los Angeles Times reported April 13 (see nonprofit journalism story).

Gates Foundation withdraws grant because of tobacco conflict

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation withdrew a $5.2 million grant for a Canadian research center for tobacco-control work after it learned the chair of the group’s board also was a member of the board of one of the world’s biggest tobacco companies, The New York Times reported April 12 (see Gates Foundation story).

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