‘Idol’ raises $15 million in two hours…

Nonprofit news roundup 

‘Idol’ raises $15 million in two hours

Reality TV hit American Idol, which over the years has raised over $140 million for charity from viewers and corporate donors, raised over $15 million in the first two hours of its annual Idol Gives Back show, ABC News reported April 21 (see Idol Gives Back story).

China charity show raises $319 million for quake relief

A TV charity show to raise money for relief efforts in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu in the wake of the April 14 earthquake generated 2.175 billion yuan, or roughly $319 million, Xinhua reported April 21 (see China charity story).

Town’s request for nonprofit payments yields only $1,000

A request by the town of Concord, Mass., to 34 local nonprofits for voluntary payments in lieu of property taxes elicited only one response, $1,000 from the Concord Art Association, The Boston Globe reported April 22 (see nonprofit voluntary payments story).

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