Foundations seen working more closely with government…

Nonprofit news roundup 

Foundations seen working more closely with government

Charitable foundations have stepped up their role as change agents during the administration of President Barack Obama, often in a much closer and more active partnership with government, Anthony Paletta, an editor at the Manhattan Institute’s Center for the American University, says in an opinion column April 30 in The Wall Street Journal (see foundation politics story).

Administrative jobs surviving universities’ endowment losses

A new study by the National Bureau of Economic Research of 200 universities with doctoral program finds nearly everyone but a university’s administrators are likely to feel the impact of a loss in value of the school’s endowment, MinnPost reported April 29 (see university endowments story).

Philanthropy growing in Asia, China

Charitable giving is on the rise in Asia overall and a new survey says China’s top 100 philanthropists donated an average of $33 million each over the last five years, up four percent from last year’s survey results, ChannelNewsAsia reported April 29 (see China philanthropy story).

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