Museum of Art launches $50 million campaign

RALEIGH, N.C. — The North Carolina Museum of Art has kicked off the public phase of a $50 million campaign that already has raised $26 million in its quiet phase.

The state, Wake County and the city of Raleigh gave the museum over $73 million for its recent expansion and construction of its new West Building, which houses its permanent collection.

Chaired by Ken O’Herron, president of O’Herron & Co., the private fundraising effort aims by Dec. 31, 2013 to raise $20 million for the museum’s endowment; $10 million to support and expand museum programs; $10 million for the museum’s grounds, including its new sculpture garden and Museum Park; and $10 million for general operations.

The quiet phase of the private campaign generated 10 gifts of $1 million or more.

The museum, which opened its new West Building on April 24, says individuals, corporations and foundations provide over 60 percent of its budget for operations and programs.

In November, the museum plans to reopen its older facility, now known as the East Building, with a North Carolina gallery, expanded space for special exhibitions and educational programming, and new art storage space.

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