Wal-Mart giving $2 billion to fight hunger…

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Wal-Mart giving $2 billion to fight hunger

Wal-Mart Corp. says it will give $2 billion in cash and food over five years to food banks throughout the U.S., including one billion pounds of food and $250 million to buy refrigerated trucks and improve their storage and logistics, marking one of the biggest corporate gifts ever, The New York Times reported May 15 (see Wal-Mart donation story).

More time in school gives charter students academic edge

A report by The Boston Foundations says students at Boston charter schools seem to have an academic edge over students at traditional schools in the city because of extra time they spend in school each year, The Boston Globe reported May 12 (see charter schools story).

University of Oregon chief wants to issue $1 billion in bonds

The president of the University of Oregon wants to buffer the school against the ups and downs of economic cycles by issuing $1 billion in bonds to operate the school for the next 30 years, The Oregonian reported May 11 (see university endowment story).

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