Harvard paid top investment managers $26.7 million…

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Harvard paid top investment managers $26.7 million

Harvard paid its top six money managers $26.7 million in 2008 and said it would tie pay more closely to the performance of the endowment, Reuters reported May 17 (see Harvard endowment story).

Lilly Endowment assets fell 7 percent in 2009

The Lilly Endowment said its assets fell 7 percent to $5.3 billion in 2009 as it continued to lose money on its Eli Lilly & Co. holdings, The Indianapolis Business Journal reported May 17 (see Lilly Endowment story).

Gates Foundation doubles Wal-Mart holdings

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in the first quarter nearly doubled its stake in Wal-Mart and purchased nearly three million shares of Coca-Cola and two million shares of McDonald’s, while selling stakes in Home Depot and Dick’s Sporting Goods, MarketWatch reported May 17 (see Gates Foundation story).

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