State and local governments ask nonprofits to pay more…

Nonprofit news roundup 

State and local governments ask nonprofits to pay more

Faced with budget gaps, state and local governments increasingly are proposing that charities and other tax-exempt groups pay new fees to help pay for services, and challenging exemptions the groups get from sales and property taxes, NPR reported May 24 (see government and nonprofits story).

Foundations turning to loans to support nonprofits

Foundations throughout the U.S. are making loans and loan guarantee and using other strategies to provide financial support to nonprofits, the Buffalo News reported May 24 (see foundation loans story).

Court rules newspaper can see university foundation’s donations list

A Pennsylvania court ruled a newspaper can obtain a list of donations – but not the donors’ names – to the foundation at East Stroudsburg University, the Associated Press reported May 25 (see donation records story).

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