Yale investment chief got less than Harvard’s top 5 money managers…

Nonprofit news roundup 

Yale investment chief paid less than Harvard’s top 5 money managers

Yale University, which has the top-performing endowment, paid its chief investment officer, David Swensen, $3.7 million in 2008, less than the five top-earning money managers at Harvard University, Bloomberg reported May 28 (see Yale endowment story).

New York grants to nonprofits criticized as ‘pork-barrel’ spending

Despite what Gov. James Patterson its fiscal crisis, New York State has paid millions of dollars to nonprofits in what critics call pork-barrel spending, The Wall Street Journal reported June 1 (see New York nonprofits story).

Telemarketers keep over 75% of what they raise for Oklahoma charities

An investigation by The Oklahoma says data on file with state and federal regulators show contracts with telemarketing firms calls for the firms to pocket over 75 percent of donations they raise for charities in the state, The Associated Press reported May 30 (see Oklahoma telemarketing story).

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