Campaign-finance plan would exempt more nonprofits from disclosure…

Nonprofit news roundup

Campaign-finance plan would exempt more nonprofits from disclosure

Democrats in the U.S. House agreed to exempt more nonprofits from disclosure requirement to win wider congressional backing for a campaign-finance bill, USA Today reported June 17 (see nonprofit disclosure story).

Billionaires urged to save and invest, not give

If billionaires really want to make a difference, rather than taking up Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates on their challenge to other billionaires to donate at least half their net worth to charity, billionaires should saved and invest their money, providing capital for entrepreneurs and creating jobs, John Tamny, editor of RealClearMarkets, wrote in a column in Forbes June 17 (see billionaire charity story).

Advocate criticized for work that benefits his company

Once calling himself a lobbyist and now billing himself as an advocate, Richard B. Berman represents nonprofit groups that critics say are little more than moneymakers for his for-profit communications firm, Berman and Company, The New York Times reported June 17 (see nonprofit advocate story).

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