Obama slammed for nonprofit initiative…

Nonprofit news roundup

Obama slammed for nonprofit initiative

While the Obama Administration claims it wants to boost nonprofits, it has failed to understand the vastness, diversity and needs of the charitable marketplace, or to make a serious effort to provide the resources nonprofits need to survive in tough economic times, Pablo Eisenberg, senior fellow at Georgetown’s Center for Public and Nonprofit Leadership, wrote June 21 in a commentary in On Philanthropy (see Social Innovation Fund story).

Hands-on giving gaining traction

Known as “engaged philanthropy,” hands-on charity is taking root in the world of giving, with donors contributing their time and talent to organizations, and sticking with them longer than a funding cycle, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported June 18 (see engaged philanthropy story).

Recession spurs volunteerism

Nonprofits across Connecticut have seen a surge in volunteers since the recession began, some of them themselves victims of the economic downturn, The Connecticut Mirror reported June 21 (see volunteer surge story).

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