Giving by world’s rich on rebound…

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Giving by world’s rich on rebound

A new report says charitable giving by the world’s wealthy recovered in 2009 everywhere in the world but North America after plunging in 2008 because of global financial crisis, and that more rich people throughout the world are building giving into their investment strategies, looking for value for their giving and turning to their wealth managers for advice, Reuters reported June 22 (see wealthy giving story).

Wealthy in Mideast plan to give more

The same report – the Merrill Lynch-Capgemini World Wealth Report  – says 35 percent of millionaires in the Mideast plan to increase their level of philanthropy this year, reported June 22 (see Mideast philanthropy story).

BP to donate revenue from spilled oil it recovers

BP says it will donate to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation revenue from oil it recovers from its spill in the Gulf of Mexico, MarketWatch reported June 22 (see oil-spill charity story).

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