On rebound, wealthy give less to charity…

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On rebound, wealthy give less to charity

A new report on the world’s wealthiest individuals says that as their assets recovered in 2009, they put more money in tangibles such as art, jets and gems, and gave less to charity, Bloomberg reported June 24 (see wealthy giving story).

University of Tennessee counts on small donors

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville has nearly met its campaign goal of raising $1 billion, with nearly 90 percent of the 98,000 donors giving less than $5,000, The Knoxville News Sentinel reported June 23 (see university fundraising story).

University of Texas System borrows $516.2 million

The University of Texas System, with the fifth-largest endowment among U.S. colleges, sold $516.2 million in Build America Bonds as the IRS audits its flagship campus at Austin for executive compensation and issues related to taxable income, Bloomberg reported June 22 (see university borrowing story).

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