Move afoot to separate University of Tennessee from fundraising arm…

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Move afoot to separate University of Tennessee from fundraising arm

A move is under way to separate the University of Tennessee Foundation, the university system’s fundraising arm, from the university, giving the foundation greater efficiency and letting it hire more staff to meet with donors, The Tennessean reported June 24 (see university fundraising story).

Chinese philanthropy leader calls on wealthy to give to charity

Taking up the call by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates for their fellow billionaires to give away at least half their wealth, the head of China’s first philanthropic institute is asking all Chinese billionaires to give a million yuan a year, or $147.2 million, to charity, The Wall Street Journal reported June 24 (see Chinese philanthropy story).

Irish leader launches effort to boost charitable giving

A government leader in Ireland has launched a new effort to support philanthropy in the country, including acknowledgement of the social impact of giving, the potential to grow “planned giving,” the regulation of charities and a commitment to continue reviewing the taxation of philanthropy, InsideIreland reported June 22 (see Irish philanthropy story).

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