Arts trump basic needs among New York’s elite givers…

Arts trump basic needs among New York’s elite givers

In New York City, donations to local arts and culture organizations carry the greatest cache among the wealthy, and attract the most press coverage, while needs like hunger, poverty and disease garner less attention, Crain’s New York Business reported June 27 (see psychology of giving story). That may be because arts organizations and events provide the opportunity to “rub shoulders” with other wealthy individuals and potential business contacts, the article says.

American Girl aims to get girls involved in charity

Toy company American Girl launched Shine On Now, a push to encourage girls to generate $1 million in clothes, books, dolls and money for other children in need, USA Today reported June 28 (see American Girl charity story). Girls who sign up to participate receive a “difference-making tool kit” with fundraising tips.

Loews Hotel chief urges skills-based volunteering

Despite the financial and environmental disasters of late, it’s time for citizens to step up and put their skills to use in solving social problems, says Jonathan Tisch, CEO of Loews Hotels and board co-chair of Loews Corp., Bloomberg reported June 29 (see Jonathan Tisch story).

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