Supreme Court nominee Kagan raised over $300 million at Harvard…

Nonprofit news roundup 

Supreme Court nominee Kagan raised over $300 million at Harvard

Prolific fundraising by Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, who as dean of Harvard Law School raised about $306 million over five years for a capital campaign, sets her apart from current justices on the court because of the interpersonal skills fundraising requires, the Associated Press reported July 7 (see Kagan fundraising story).

Proposed cut in charitable tax breaks worries N.Y. nonprofits

Some New York nonprofits worry that a state proposal mirroring President Obama’s to cut charitable tax breaks for wealthy individuals could cause a drop in charitable deductions, Reuters reported July 7 (see wealthy tax break story).

Corporate-sponsored social-media contests a mixed bag

Social-media competitions sponsored by corporations to benefit charities are democratizing the typically closed world of corporate giving and have become a powerful cause-marketing tool but also have their faults, including nonprofits’ diversion of much-needed resources to promote themselves in the competitions and the rewarding of the largest organizations with the best-organized campaigns regardless of those organization’s actual merit, corporate-giving expert James Epstein-Reeves wrote July 7 in Forbes magazine (see social-media contests story).

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