July 15: Salvation Army in Haiti; Bank of America and students; Mitch-Stewart generates $1B; and more

Salvation Army this week will complete construction of 600 housing shelters in Jacmel, Haiti, to assist in relocating earthquake-displaced Haitians back to their home communities; rebuilding process has employed over 400 Haitians as carpenters and construction crew-members.

Bank of America partnering with 90 nonprofits and putting 230 civic-minded high schoolers to work this summer as part of its Student Leaders program.

Mitch-Stuart, provider of travel packages for charitable fundraising, has generated estimated $1 billion for charities since 1994.

Legal Services Corporation will implement recommendations of Government Accountability Office to improve internal controls over grant awards.

Joseph Lyou, former founder and executive director, California Environmental Rights Alliance, named president and CEO, Coalition for Clean Air, effective in September.

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