Thank-you’s to consistent donors show appreciation

[Publisher’s note: This article was provided by Metafile Information Systems, a maker of donor management software. Metafile Information Systems is a PJ business partner.]

Imagine… How would you respond to receiving an email or letter from your favorite nonprofit, not asking for money, but just thanking you for being a donor for over 5 years?

For giving consistently for the last 12 quarters? For supporting multiple programs?

Have you ever gotten one? Most people haven’t. But it sure would be nice.

Sending “non-ask” communications to your consistent donors needn’t be expensive – either monetarily or time-wise. In just a few minutes, it can be done with tools you already have.

Create a letter or email template using fields from your donor management or customer-relationship management software.

Perhaps you want to include the date of the donor’s first gift, noting how wonderful it has been to have their support for so long.

Or maybe you want to include the number of times they’ve given, highlighting how much you appreciate being in their thoughts so often.

Use a database indicator that shows they’ve given to more than one fund to let them know how much you appreciate their willingness to support multiple efforts.

This information and much more is available in most donor management and CRM products.

After you’ve identified the donors you wish to contact, putting together the note should be quick and easy. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when crafting your note:

  • Include the donor’s name (if you need to adjust your query to ensure you have the donor’s name, do so, but don’t send the note without a name).
  • Depending on what type of donor you are thanking, you may also want to embed the number of gifts or the date of their first donation. Warning: Be careful with this. If you only retain records back a certain number of years, or if you condense donations over a certain age, the information in your database may not be strictly accurate. In these cases, it’s probably best to be a bit vague.
  • Don’t be overly formal. This is a quick note of appreciation. Overly formal text may appear stilted.
  • Don’t ask for a donation. Including a link to your online donation form after your signature line is fine, but keep in mind that this is a note of appreciation, not a solicitation.

You can use email templates built from your donor management or CRM software, or design them by uploading your data and building them using fee-based email list-management services.

Spending a few minutes brainstorming the ways you can show appreciation to your donors may yield many creative, easy ways to use the tools and data you already have to let your consistent donors know just how important they are to your organization.

Metafile Information Systems has been in the donor management software business for 30 years. Read more about this topic.

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