Nonprofit pay targeted…

Nonprofit news roundup 

Nonprofit pay targeted

State and federal officials are targeting the pay of leaders of nonprofits they do business with, The New York Times reported July 26 (see nonprofit salaries story).

Botanical gardens retooling

Botanical gardens throughout the U.S. are experiencing an identity crisis, shedding traditional programming and looking for new ways to attract a broad range of visitors, The New York Times reported July 26 (see botanical gardens story).

Cal Poly Pomona gets $42 million

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is giving $42 million to Cal Poly Pomona, the biggest gift ever to California State University, The Los Angeles Times reported July 27 (see Cal Poly Pomona gift story).

College grads turn to nonprofits

In a tough job market, some college graduates are turning to nonprofits to find purpose and a paycheck, the Lansing State Journal reported July 26 (see nonprofit jobs story).

Chinese philanthropist giving away fortune

Chinese real estate magnate Yu Pengnian is giving his fortune of 4.2 billion yuan, or about $500 million, to a foundation he create, becoming the first Chinese national to have donated over $1 billion to charity, The Globe and Mail reported July 23 (see Chinese philanthropist story).

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