Boy Scouts turns 100, begins image makeover…

Boy Scouts turns 100, begins image makeover

As it celebrates its 100th anniversary, the Boy Scouts is working to rebuild its image in the face of several challenges, including membership that has declined 16 percent over the past decade, public criticism for excluding gays and atheists and charges of sexual abuse by troop leaders and volunteers, The New York Times reported July 30 (see Boy Scouts story).

Volunteerism boosted by meaningful assignments

As community-service requirements and opportunities abound for American students, new research suggests students find the experience more meaningful if they have a forum in which to discuss their experiences and ask questions about the larger issues involved, and if they feel their time is spent on valuable activities, The New York Times reported July 30 (see volunteerism story).

Academics face hurdles as corporate board members

Increasingly, academics are serving on corporate boards, bringing to the business sector fresh perspectives and managerial experience, but some question whether they have the time or skills to police complex corporations in the wake of the recession, and worry they could compromise the independence of their universities, The New York Times reported July 31 (see academics on corporate boards story).

Nonprofits hospitals juggle profits

Nonprofit hospitals, which make up more than half of U.S. community hospitals, are making big money while retaining their charitable status, a position that means they need to highlight the community programs they manage and the charity care they provide, and put profits back into specialty areas like transplants that are not moneymakers, The Orlando Sentinel reported July 31 (see nonprofit hospitals story).

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