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Lawmakers tied to corporate gifts to university endowments…


Nonprofit news roundup 

Lawmakers tied to corporate gifts to university endowments

University endowments financed in part by corporations with business before Congress have honored nearly a dozen former or current lawmakers, The New York Times reported Aug. 5 (see university endowments story).

Islamic charities win public support for flood relief

Hard-line Islamic charities are responding efficiently to flooding in Pakistan, earning support among a public angered by the government’s slow and chaotic response, The New York Times reported Aug. 6 (see Islamic charities story).

Bloomberg gave to charity that backed his fight to overturn term limits

A charity that testified in support of efforts by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to overturn term limits so he could seek a third term regularly received millions of dollars from Bloomberg, including at least $10 million after City Council hearings on terms limits, The New York Times reported Aug. 6 (see Bloomberg charity story).

Met Opera could receive unusual windfall

The Metropolitan Opera could get a windfall under the unusual terms of a multi-million-dollar gift to the Washington National Opera’s endowment, The Wall Street Journal reported Aug. 7 (see Met Opera story).

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