Billionaires’ pledges make philanthropy a status symbol…

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Billionaires’ pledges make philanthropy a status symbol

With dozens of billionaires pledging their fortunes to charity in the midst of the economic crisis, philanthropy has become a new status symbol, Reuters reported Aug. 11 (see billionaire giving story).

European media jeer billionaires’ giving pledges

While the call by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet for their fellow billionaires to pledge up to half wealth to charity was met with cheers by news media in the U.S., it was met largely with jeers by the media in Europe, The Wall Street Journal reported Aug. 11 (see giving pledge story).

Mayo gets $43 million estate gift

An Indiana woman gave over $43 million to the Mayo Clinic, the third-largeste estate gift ever to the medical center, KTTC in Rochester, Minn., reported Aug. 11 (see Mayo Clinic story).

Irish nuns, other investors sue Morgan Stanley

Nuns, a veterinary fund and 85 other Irish investors sued Morgan Stanley for failing to sell notes when it should have, Bloomberg reported Aug. 11 (see nuns’ lawsuit story).

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