Connecticut funders’ giving grew 22% from 2006 to 2008…


Connecticut funders’ giving grew 22% from 2006 to 2008

A report from the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy says grantmakers in the state contributed $902.7 million in 2008, up 22 percent from 2006, despite a 1 percent drop in foundation assets in 2006, the Hartford Business Journal reported Aug. 31 (see Connecticut grantmaking story).

Cornell investment chief got bonus in year endowment lost 26%

The chief investment officer for Cornell University’s endowment received $420,000 in “bonus and incentive compensation” in the same year the schools endowment lost 26 percent of its value, The Cornell Daily Sun reported Aug. 31 (see Cornell endowment story).

California attorney general investing Dodgers’ foundation

The California attorney general’s office has launched an investigation into compensation paid to the chief executive of the Los Angeles Dodgers charitable foundation, The New York Times reported Aug. 31 (see Dodgers’ charity story).

JK Rowling makes her biggest donation

After deciding last year to quit contributing to the MS Society Scotland, citing its internal disputes, Harry Potter author JK Rowling gave 10 million pounds, or nearly $15.4 million, to set up a multiple-sclerosis research clinic at Edinburgh University, the biggest gift she has given and the school has received, The Telegraph reported Aug. 31 (see JK Rowling gift story).

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