Soros giving $100 million to Human Rights Watch…

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Soros giving $100 million to Human Rights Watch

George Soros, the billionaire investor and philanthropist, will give $100 million to Human Rights Watch to help the group expand globally, marking the biggest gift he has made and by far the largest the organization has received, The New York Times reported Sept. 6 (See Soros gift story).

Congress members’ charities take gifts from firms seeking influence

At least 24 charities that lawmakers in Congress or their families helped create or run routinely accept donations from businesses trying to influence the lawmakers, The New York Times reported Sept. 5 (see congressional charities story).

Chinese billionaire pledges entire fortune to charity

A Chinese billionaire will donate his entire fortune to philanthropy at his death, becoming the first Chinese to take up the challenge by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett that other billionaires pledge to donate at least half their wealthy to charity, Xinhua reported Sept. 7 (see Chinese philanthropy story). But Chinese billionaires generally have shunned an invitation by Gates and Buffett to meet with them later this month, The Economic Times reported Sept. 6 (see Chinese billionaires story).

University of Virginia endowment recovers over half its loss

The endowment at the University of Virginia recovered over half the $1.1 billion it lost as a result of the financial crash in the fall of 2008, growing to $4.45 billion from $3.96 billion in the fiscal year ended June 30, The Daily Progress reported Sept. 3 (see university endowment story).

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