Nonprofit CEO salaries grew 4.7% in 2008…

Nonprofit news roundup 

Nonprofit CEO salaries grew 4.7% in 2008

A compensation study by Charity Navigator that looked salaries of CEOs at 3,000 mid-to-large-sized charities shows the median salary of top leaders was $147,273 in 2008, up 4.7 increase from the previous year, The Houston Chronicle reported Sept. 15 (see nonprofit salaries story).

Returns eclipse costs at U.S. colleges and universities
A new report says the cost of running U.S. colleges and universities grew less than 1 percent in the fiscal year ended June 30, below the overall rate of inflation for the first time since 1995, while school endowments grew over 12 percent on average, a combination that could let schools tuition increases, Reuters reported Sept. 16 (see college inflation story).

Columbia endowment posts 17% return

The endowment at Columbia University posted a 17 percent return in its most recent fiscal year, outperforming major stock market indexes and other big schools, The New York Times reported Sept. 16 (see university endowment story).

100 Chinese entrepreneurs to give all their wealth to charity

A Chinese multi-millionaire says he has recruited over 100 entrepreneurs to donate all their personal wealth to charity in the face of a pending visit by U.S. billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to promote philanthropy, Shanghai Daily reported Sept. 16 (see Chinese philanthropy story).

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