Oakland nonprofits get $237 million

PJ staff report

Nonprofits in Oakland, Calif., attracted nearly 1,530 grants of $10,000 or more totaling nearly $237 million in 2008, a new survey says.

More than one-third of those total grant dollars, or $86.2 million, and over half the grants, or 903, targeted nonprofits that mainly serve Oakland, the 44th-largest U.S. city, just ahead of Raleigh, N.C., and the East Bay, says the survey by the Foundation Center.

California foundations provided most of the grant support for nonprofits focused mainly on the region, says the survey, which is based on data from nearly 1,500 large foundations.

“The level of local investment shows the importance of philanthropy in the East Bay,” Steven Lawrence, director of research at the Foundation Center, says in a statement.

Grants for nonprofits mainly serving Oakland and the East Bay tended to be smaller on average than those that supported nonprofits mainly serving the broader Bay Area or beyond.

Among grant dollars from California foundations to locally-focused nonprofits, 24 percent supported elementary and secondary education, 20 percent support human services, 16 percent supported religions, and 13 percent supported public and other health.

Among grant dollars to those groups from foundations outside California, 52 percent supported elementary and secondary education, 10 percent support human services and 10 percent supported public health.

The research was supported by The San Francisco Foundation and the Fund for the Oakland Mayor’s Office of Public, Private Partnerships at the East Bay Community Foundation.

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