Social Innovation Fund opens up on how it works…

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Social Innovation Fund opens up on how it works

Responding to criticism of its transparency, the federal Social Innovation Fund, which aims to boost growth of promising nonprofit projects, released the names of independent reviewers involved in helping it award $50 million in grants, as well as the names of organizations that applied for its money but failed to win any, and other information about the process it used to award the grants, The New York Times reported Sept. 17 (see innovation fund story).

Nonprofits play key role in economy

Iowa’s nonprofits play a vital role in developing local economies and lending a hand to state residents who still struggle, the founder and executive director of the Iowa Nonprofit Resource Center at the University of Iowa wrote in a guest opinion column Sept. 18 in the Dubuque Telegraph Herald (see nonprofit impact story).

Feed the Children embroiled in dispute with founder

Feed the Children and its founder, Larry Jones, are locked in a legal dispute over his firing, while an investigation is ongoing by the state attorney general’s office in Oklahoma, and watchdog groups urge owners not to make donations to the $1 billion charity, the Associated Press reported Aug. 19 (see Feed the Children story).

Charity an enhancement for government, not a substitute

The debate over tax deductions distorts the role in society of charitable giving, which, while a virtuous human impulse that should be rewarded, is an enhancement, not a substitute, for government, columnist Renee Loth wrote Sept. 19 in the Boston Globe (see charity tax story).

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